Our San Diego Alumnae chapter has been awarded the 2018 Alumnae Excellence Award!  Each alumnae group is scored in 12 categories and, based on their score they are awarded either blue (below expectations) pink (meets expectations) or bronze (exceeds expectations). Alumnae groups who receive a bronze classification are awarded the Alumnae Excellence Award to honor their success and achievement in each of the fraternity standards.  We should all be proud of an outstanding year!


Local Awards

We give out four local awards each year. Alumnae awards are presented at the annual Founders Day luncheon in March. The recipients for the 2018-2019 year were:

  • Most Outstanding Alumna -- Candace Bynder
  • Jan LeCren Memorial Service to Foundation Award -- Marcia Toyama
  • “Behind the Scenes” Award -- Felicia McDonnell and Susan Anderson
  • Best “New” Group Member -- Melissa Gillette